Economic Terrorism

Should we cure the symptoms or the causes of the symptoms? (Jan. 7. 2012) Some people suggest that the euro cooperation was doomed to fail and that the euro is a major cause of problems in the EU. They are probably wrong. The problem is not only affecting Greece and the PIGS countries, it seems to be general for so many industrial and developing countries all over the world. And if the euro now should collapse, probably followed by the dollar, it is because we are trying to cure the symptoms of the crisis, not the reasons for it. This is as effective as trying to cure melanoma with makeup. Unfortunately, the media do not pursue this angle.

4 strategies that lead to economic crisis:
There are four main reasons or strategies behind the economic, political or humanitarian crisis many countries in the world are experiencing these days:

  1. The richest 1% do not pay tax
  2. Multinational corporations do not pay tax in the countries they operate, but inter-invoice profits to tax havens where they do not have to pay tax
  3. Enormous wealth (which is not paid taxes for) is stuck away in tax havens
  4. A growing corruption makes all this possible

Regarding 1): The world's 300 richest earn more money than the world's 3 billion poorest. Some of the 1% richest in the United States are now urging to be allowed to pay taxes, but Republicans will not allow it. However, the Republicans are stopping the extraordinary tax relief to ordinary Americans by march 2012.

Regarding 2) If multinational corporations did pay tax in the countries they operate, most of the developing aid would be unnecessary. The countries would receive much more in tax than they get in aid, and would be perfectly capable of developing themselves. Internal invoicing is a huge problem all over the world.

Regarding 3): Eva Joly estimates that the Greeks have 120 billion euros in accounts in Switzerland, money that is not paid tax for. If Greece is representative for the other countries in Europe, the PIGS countries alone hidden some 1,340 billion euros. At 40% tax this could have provided 536 billion euros and might probably have stopped the crisis.

Regarding 4): The corruption is growing, even in Norway. Corruption is undermining democracies worldwide and is a serious threat to world peace and welfare. It means that the richest can "buy" exemption, whether it is with direct payments, with support for political parties, with violence and threats, or with the "free lunch". Often are well paid lobbyists doing the practical implementation.

Criminal and destructive strategies. The strategies are thus man-made and intentional, what happens is achievement of predefined goals. The strategies are as destructive as the worst terrorist actions the world has ever seen, because they are taking down political systems - something 11 September 2001 failed to accomplish. These strategies may be as old as civilization itself, but it makes them no less criminal. However, this economic terror is much more extensive and destructive than many of us are aware of.

The solution: keep on the robbery. The problem is tried to be solved by lowering the wages of ordinary people, by reducing their pensions, by raising the age of pension and by raise of taxes for ordinary people. It certainly taste of more robbery. Thus we make the richest richer yet, at the expense of common people, without doing anything about the problem itself. Fortunately for the richest in the world, the politicians, media and the prosecution are turning away from this problem even as the world around them is going to hell.

One need not be professed socialist to state that everything we create in the world is for us all, not only for the richest 1%. Unfortunately, the world leaders do not see this point.

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