Two dramatically different craters

Two passenger aircrafts at about the same weight crashed into the ground. One of them made a crater 50 (fifty) times bigger than the other. At one crater some 10 000 kubic meters were blown away, at the other only 200 kubic meters were blown away. Here you can see how the volume is calculated, how big the kinetic energy could have been and how different these events looks now. Something certainly does not add up in one of these cases.

Ethiopian Airlines flight 302

(oct. 9, 2020) Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, a Boeing 737 MAX 8 from Addis Ababa to Nairobi in Kenya, crashed march 10, 2019, killling 157 people. Fully loaded and fuelled up, it probably weighed around 80 tons. After this crash, all the MAX 8's were grounded. The crater in the field was estimated to 50 meters in diameter and 10 meters deep by CCTV in the video (below) from the site. The excavator in the beginning of this video indicates the size of the crater, while situated at the upper left corner of the crater seen from above.

Even though the plane was shattered after the violent crash, debris indicating crash of an aircraft was shattered all over the place. If you google ethiopian air crash and choose pictures, you'll get a result like this screenshot below.

United Airlines flight 93, Shanksville, Pennsylvania

This was a Boeing 757, it crashed allegedly into the ground in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, the 11. of september 2001. This is a bigger and heavier plane, but having spent some fuel and with few passengers onboard, I estimate the same weight as EA 302.

FOX news estimated the crater in Shanksville to be some 10 x 20 feet. To me it looks bigger, I estimate it to be 10 x 20 meters (30 x 60 feet) from edge to edge, two meters deep at the deepest.

The wmf-file below shows - after a short opening - the report from FOX News. Please be aware that the first foto from the scene is from the movie "Flight 93".

In 2001, only very poor pictures from this crash were available on the net. First around 2006 I came upon a high resolution air photo that shows details from the site. This photo is probably taken on the morning of september 12. 2001.

The crater is far smaller than the one in Ethiopia, and contains no visible debris just the way the reporter to FOX News described. No visible wing-parts or rudders, no engines, no wheels, no seats, no luggage, no lifewests, absolutely nothing that can indicate that a huge passenger plane did crash. The trees on the other side of the dirt road are scorched and shattered after a powerful detonation. When the rescuers arrived at the scene some 2 minutes after the crash, there was no fire, only some smoke.

In the photo you can see pepples down to 1 cm. diameter and you can see telegraph wires on the ground. An excavator like the one in Ethiopia woould hardly be able to be positioned into the crater.

The Somerset County coroner Wally Miller who was summoned to the site, said "I stopped being coroner after about 20 minutes, because there were no bodies there. ... I have not, to this day, seen a single drop of blood. Not a drop." Later, the authorities claimed they could identify most of the passengers from the DNA and Wally Miller has changed his statement.

The situation in Shanksville is very different from the one in Ethiopia both regarding size and debris. How is it possible that two almost identical accidents can give such a different result ?

Comparison of the craters

There are lots of assumtions in this picture that may be discussed.
The crater in Ethiopia is calculated as 50 meters in diameter and 10 meters deep on the deepest, here I calculate 5 meters depth in average, which means that almost 10 000 cubic meters of dirt was moved by the energy of EA 302.

If we look at the crater in shanksville and calculate it to be 10 x 20 meters and 1 meter deep in average, this gives us around 200 cubic meters was blown away.

That equals 1/50 of the crater in Ethiopia.

So how can a plane in Ethiopia have an explosive force 50 times bigger than a similar plane in Shanksville ?

The kinetic energy in a moving object is calculated from the formula
E = ½ mv2
(Energy = 0,5 * mass in kilo * speed in meters per second * speed in meters per second)

A plane weighing 80 tons at a speed of 800 kilometers an hour has an energy of
0,5 * 80000 kilos x 222 m/sek x 222 m/sek = 1971360000 Joule that equals 0,471 tons TNT or 471 kilos TNT

A demolition expert calculates ½ kilo TNT per cubic meter rock when the TNT is placed in holes. The effect on earth is many times bigger.

In Ethiopia, each of the 471 kilos of TNT has moved 20 cubic meters earth.
At this rate, in Shanksville it has only been used energy equivalent to 10 kilos of TNT.

And for the sake of curiosity: If one single jet-engine at 3 tons crashed in 800 km/hour, it would have an energy of 0,5 * 3000 * 222 * 222 = 73926000 Joule which equals 0,02 tons TNT or 20 kilos TNT, this beeing the double of the energy used in Shanksville, creating a crater double the size shown on the photo from Shanksville.

The numbers to these crashes and craters are so hugely different that minor adjustments will not matter.


The authorities claims as far as I know to have digged up 60 tons of debris from the ground in Shanksville. We have two possible scenarios for this. Either the plane crashed and disappeared into the ground, or there was no plane and the strory is a lie. Regardless, they would have to dig up a plane, either because it was down there, or because they had to arrange something to avoid their lies to be exposed.

If you look at the calculation of the energy creating the craters and the size of the craters, it is simply out of the question that a Boeing 757 crashed in Shanksville. That means something else made this crater and that the authorities are lying.

The field of shattered wood on the other side of the dirt road suggest that a rocket may have caused the crater. A rocket is detonating forwards in a sector that may give a signature like in Shanksville.