Bradley Manning got his first peace price

(july 23, 2013) The International Peace Bureau, a former Nobel Peace Prize recipient, is delighted to announce that this year’s Sean MacBride Peace Prize is to be awarded to Bradley Manning, the US whistleblower whose case has attracted worldwide attention, for his courageous actions in revealing information about US war crimes.

Amnesty demands that US drop charges against Manning

(july 17. 2013) The U.S. government should immediately drop the most serious charges against Pvt. Bradley Manning, Amnesty International said today after the conclusion of all testimony in the case. Manning’s lawyers asked the judge to dismiss these and other charges in a motion filed over the weekend.

Bradley Manning: US must drop “aiding the enemy” charge (

"In the end the Obama administration is not afraid of whistleblowers like me, Bradley Manning or Thomas Drake. We are stateless, imprisoned, or powerless. No, the Obama administration is afraid of you. It is afraid of an informed, angry public demanding the constitutional government it was promised – and it should be." (Snowden)

To the Honor of ...

  • Bradley Manning, imprisoned for more than 3 years without trial, now facing a "stalinist" trial for having disclosed how US soldiers killed civilian Iraqies
  • Valerie Plame Wilson, "outed" as CIA-agent by the Bush Asministration due to article that proved that Iraq did not have mass destruction weapons
  • Susan Lindauer, CIA asset who knew and told how the Iraq war in 2003 was based on lies. She is the first american who has been put in custody using The Patriot Act.
  • Julien Assange, now hiding in the Equadorian embassy in fear of beeing sent to USA due to disclosure of the Bradley Manning files
  • Edward Snowden, now risking life in prison for having disclosed US illegal and shameful surveillance of innocent people and institutions all over the world.
  • † Barry Jennings, Deputy Director of Emergency Services, was a key witness to the WTC detonations, dead and assumed killed only days before the NIST report was published.
  • † Michael Hastings, journalist who caused the dismissal of general Stanley McChrystal, dead under suspicious circumstances, possibly killed.
  • Thomas Drake, another whisleblower from NSA
(July 4th, 2013) It is sad to see the US government reacting much like a fascist dictature.

The video that put Bradley Manning in prison

April 5, 2013, is the third anniversary of the release of Collateral Murder, the world-famous video that documented the murder of innocent civilians and journalists by a US Apache gunship in Iraq.

The press is banned from the trials. Despite the unprecedented and historic nature of Army whistleblower Bradley Manning’s trial, journalists have thus far been banned from recording the proceedings. Because Americans get most of their news through television this presents a major barrier to the American public staying informed on a trial that will profoundly affect the future of our country. It’s outrageous that the American public is being denied the right to view the trial of U.S. vs. Bradley Manning. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel was appointed by President Obama to ensure civilian oversight of the U.S. military. Call and demand that he ensure journalists can record Bradley Manning’s court martial proceedings!

This is the video Bradley Manning disclosed (

Bradley Manning: 1000 dager i fengsel uten rettsak og dom i "rettsstaten" USA
(24. jan. 2013) Slik går det når du varsler verden om USA sine forbrytelser og hemmeligheter.

Og DETTE er det Bradley Manning viste verden ... nedslakting av sivile fra helikopter (

December 17th will be Bradley Manning's third birthday in prison without trial

(dec. 6, 2012) Bradley Manning will turn 25 on December 17th. It will be his third birthday in prison without trial. His court martial is scheduled for March, 2013. Military whistle-blower Bradley Manning will turn 25 on December 17th. It will be his third birthday in prison, and by the time his court martial begins it will have been almost three years in prison: one year of which in the Quantico marine brig, where he was held in solitary confinement against the recommendations of mental health professionals. His trial is scheduled to start next March.

An essential right in other countries: Right to a fair trial (Wikipedia)

Til høyre: ny vri for vinnere av Nobels fredspris
(19. mai 2012) Teksten sier alt.

Free Bradley Manning

Veterans For Peace demand Bradley Manning’s freedom(march. 04. 2012)

Manning er nominert til fredsprisen (febr. 27. 2012)
Artikkelen i linker opp mer informasjon om Bradely Manning

Trial is moved to August (febr. 25. 2012)

The parody of a trial goes on - this is a shame for USA (febr. 22. 2012)

Bradley Manning nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

(9. febr. 2012) Bradley Manning var han som varslet om at amerikanske soldater skjøt ned sivile i Irak. De som drepte sivile går fri, men Bradley Manning risikerer livstid i fengsel for å ha sagt fra om dette og mange andre kritikkverdige forhold. Nå jobbes det verden over for å få ham frikjent. Bradley Manning fortjener internasjonal anerkjennelse for sin jobb med å fremme sannheten. Trist at han bor i et land der sannheten ikke tåles. Noen fredspris blir det ikke på ham så lenge han ikke påpeker kinesisk, russisk eller arabisk urett. Uretten i USA er jo av den sorten som norske politikere liker så godt.

Tell General Linnington to drop the charge of 'aiding the enemy'

The trial has started. (Dec. 17. 2011, today is Bradley Mannings 24 th. birhtday.) USA has now started the trial against the soldier Bradley Manning, known as the whistleblower who some 17 months ago revealed how americans were shooting down civilian Iraqies from helicopters in a way that only can be described as cold murder. Manning will probably go to prison for life for his heroic role as whistleblower revealing USA's darkest secrets. There is no room for truth about Iraq or 9/11, and American leaders need to make an example of this.

It is all about values - values not to be found in USA. USA's leaders do not mind the opinions of an entire world in these matters. Values do not concern USA, as we have seen from so many other embarrassing issues. It is sad that a government can implement so much evil and not have the ability to change, regardless of whatever President Obama might say or wish. And, as usual, Norwegian politicians say nothing. They only protest when evil is done by Russians or Muslims. If Manning was Chinese, he could even have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Price.

On first day of preliminary hearing, investigating officer rejects defence's demand that he recuse himself (The Guardian 16. dec)
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Icelandic Parliamentarians Nominate Bradley Manning for Nobel Peace Prize

Barack Obama must free Bradley Manning !!!!

(july 8. 2010) Bradley Manning was arrested by the United States Army Criminal Investigation Command in May 2010. Manning was detained without charge for over a month in a military jail at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait. In early July, he was faced with two charges of misconduct: "transferring classified data onto his personal computer and adding unauthorised software to a classified computer system" and "communicating, transmitting and delivering national defence information to an unauthorised source".The maximum jail sentence is 52 years.

An important whistleblower. In USA many are comparing Manning with Daniel Ellsberg, who in 1971 published secret Pentagon-documents regarding Vietnam. Manning showed the world how american soldiers have gone way over the edge killing civilians in Iraq. For this he has been arrested and charged with conspiracy. Bringing evil out into the light, should never be punished. America has a lost case. They should treat Manning like a hero, for that is what he is. We demand that the charges are dropped immediately.

Who is next ? USA has now got a solid grip on all communication and information. As they are trying to convince us that a Boeing 757 disappeared into a little hole in the ground in Pennsylvania, some 10 by 20 feet according to Fox News, without leaving any visible wreckage, closing the hole behind it, - they certainly need to make sure nobody whisles anything anymore. Also when they try to convince us that a Boeing 757 crashed into the Pentagon, without making a "print" like in the two towers - leaving no parts from a Boeing but only parts from an A3 Skywarrior fighter-jet, they need to make sure nobody whisles anything anymore. It is imperative that nobody come forward with the information they have. The truth is not an option in USA and has not been for many years. That is why they must crucify Bradley Manning, no matter how right this brave young man is. Unless someone wants to make a change.

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